Middlemarch, Otago, New Zealand

New Zealands finest white clover honey

New Zealands finest white clover honey


About Us

Family owned and operated business of three generations of beekeepers, John (Father), Blair (Son) and Adam (Grandson). 

Strathdale Honey was established by John Dale in the late 50s, and began life with just a handful of hives. Having lived and kept bees across Otago from Port Chalmers to Lawrence, in the late eighties the family moved to Middlemarch where the company remains based.

What we can do for you



We can provide hives for a pollination for all agricultural and horticultural crops.

Queen Rearing


Strathdale can provide you with quality queen cells, virgin queens and mated queens. We get all our genetic material for queen raising from one the longest established Italian breeding program in NZ.  



Contract extraction in a RMP premises for export certified honey.

Packed Honey Sales


We have a range of Strathdale Honey's finest  creamed white clover from 250g, 500g and 1kg. Also comb honey on special request.

Bulk Honey Sales


Strathdale sells export grade honey by the drum.

Wild colony removal


Have you seen or have a wild bee colony? Get in touch and we can remove it for you. All un-managed bee colonies pose a threat to managed 

bee hives. 

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Strathdale Honey

10 Olive Avenue, Middlemarch, Middlemarch 9598, New Zealand

Blair 0274643125 Adam 0274 643 127 adam@strathdale.co.nz

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